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‘Y Pod-antur Cymraeg’ is a comprehensive Welsh language series aimed at Key Stage 2 pupils and teachers. Packed with over 7 hours of video, books, worksheets, discussion cards and an interactive game, it naturally builds on language patterns learnt during the Foundation Phase and introduces new and useful language skills. All packs feature two characters who embark on fun adventures and take the Welsh language into real situations.


Three new characters join Sgrîn in the third pack of ‘Y Pod-antur Cymraeg’– Tom from Llanarthne, Beca from Llanberis, and Bob; the plant! Building steadily on the language learnt in Packs 1 and 2, Tom and Beca not only go travelling around Wales, but are also tasked with looking after Bob.


During this pack Tom steps back in time to a Victorian School in Oswestry, whilst Beca goes to a fireworks display.


They also visit Brecon Carreg to learn about water, a recycling plant to learn about compost and go shopping to Dr. Barnados to buy a new pot for Bob.


There is also an opportunity to learn about the planets!

Y Pod-antur Cymraeg - Pack 3

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