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Second Language Welsh


The Fflic a Fflac series are a set of resources aimed at assisting Welsh language development in the Foundation Phase. Whilst they are primarily intended for use in teaching Welsh as a second language, they can also be used for supporting and improving the ability of native Welsh speakers. The series consists of four comprehensive multimedia packs of progressing difficulty, four sets of additional reading books, a music CD-ROM and a pair of puppets.


These fun and engaging Fflic and Fflac puppets are the perfect accompaniment to the resource packs and are ideal for use in the classroom when teaching Welsh in the Foundation Phase.


The puppets are based on the two characters featured in the books and DVDs and children will enjoy having their own Fflic and Fflac joining them in their lessons. The puppets will involve the children as you progress through the stories and learning Welsh will become the highlight of the school day.


The puppets are approximately 355mm high and have working mouths.

Fflic a Fflac - Puppets

£30.00 Regular Price
£18.00Sale Price
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