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Second Language Welsh


The Fflic a Fflac series are a set of resources aimed at assisting Welsh language development in the Foundation Phase. Whilst they are primarily intended for use in teaching Welsh as a second language, they can also be used for supporting and improving the ability of native Welsh speakers. The series consists of four comprehensive multimedia packs of progressing difficulty, four sets of additional reading books, a music CD-ROM and a pair of puppets.


Fflic a Fflac pack 3 is the third in the series and it develops the language skills that have been formed in the first two packs. This pack, which includes 3 DVDs, 15 colourful A4 and A5 books, 3 A4 activity booklets and an interactive CD-ROM, is divided into six units and will further develop students knowledge of Welsh language patterns, sentence structure and vocabulary.


The DVDs follow the adventures of two puppets, Fflic and Fflac and two presenters, Lyn and Ceri. The videos introduce language patterns through a variety of methods including studio-based interaction between puppets and presenter, songs and video clips on location in schools and around Wales. Each video is around 5 minutes long which means they can be easily incorporated into lessons.


The books reinforce the language explored in the DVD and is suitable for group or individual reading. At the back of each book there is a list of vocabulary and language to be used when introducing, reading and discussing the stories.

Fflic a Fflac - Pack 3

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