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Y Pod-antur Cymraeg - Pack 4 (printed matter only)

Second Language Welsh

Y Pod-antur Cymraeg’ is a set of four KS2 resource packs for Welsh learners. It naturally builds on language patterns learnt during the Foundation Phase and introduces new and useful language skills.

This is a supplementary pack containing only the printed matter for ‘Y Pod-antur Cymraeg’ pack 4. This includes the books and fact files which accompany each chapter of the DVD (not included), as well as 50 discussion cards, a colourful dictionary and a teacher’s handbook.

The whole crew Crad, Fion, Dyfs, Izy, Tom and Beca are back for one final adventure. The Pod-antur Cymraeg will take you on a linguistic journey through time and space – where learning Welsh is fun!

GBP 59.50


Also available is the full pack of Y Pod-antur Cymraeg which comes with an interactive DVD.

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