Y Pod-antur Cymraeg - Pack 2 (printed matter only)

Second Language Welsh

This is a supplementary pack containing only the printed matter for ‘Y Pod-antur Cymraeg’ pack 2. This includes the books and fact files which accompany each chapter of the DVD (not included), as well as 50 discussion cards, a colourful dictionary and a teacher’s handbook.

‘Y Pod-antur Cymraeg’ is a comprehensive Welsh language series aimed at Key Stage 2 pupils and teachers. Packed with over 7 hours of video, books, worksheets, discussion cards and an interactive game, it naturally builds on language patterns learnt during the Foundation Phase and introduces new and useful language skills. All packs feature two characters that embark on fun adventures and take the Welsh language into real situations. The second pack of ‘Y Pod-antur Cymraeg’ will see the introduction of two new friends to Y Pod-antur – Dyfs from Newtown and Izzy from Aberystwyth.

Re-visiting language patterns from Pack 1 along side some new vocabulary, both Dyfs and Izzy go on various adventures. With the help of Sgrîn, Dyfs and Izzy travel to Newtown, Aberystwyth, Winter Wonderland in Swansea and the Tudor Merchant house in Tenby.

They will learn about history and legends, including 'Y Bachgen a'r Blaidd', Baboushka and Twm Siôn Cati, and also learn about the traditions of other countries including Christmas and Karabo.

GBP 119.00


Also available is the full pack of Y Pod-antur Cymraeg which comes with an interactive DVD.

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