Pump Penaber

To support and improve literacy of dyslexic children at KS2/3

Pitrwm Patrwm is a series of Welsh language resources, that have been designed to assist and improve the literacy skills of dyslexic students aged 7-14.

Pump Penaber is the second product in the series, it is primarily for students aged 11-14 and builds upon the linguistic patterns that are developed in the Pitrwm Patrwm resource. The Pump Penaber pack includes 33 colourful reading books, a teacher's guide and an interactive CD-ROM.

This series of both fictional and factual reading books follow the lives of five teenages living in North Wales. The books centre around contemporary themes and are written in a magazine and journal style that appeals to students. This format is also particularly effective for hesitant or reluctant readers as the page layout if simple and text is segmented which many readers find reassuring.

The accompanying CD-ROM contains four games, which each aim to develop different skills including, spelling, recognising words and patterns within words. Each game can also be played with different word sets of varying difficulty which learners can progress through as they improve. Teacher's notes are also provided, as well as a highest score chart and certificates to encourage learners to improve.

GBP 35.00


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