Pitrwm Patrwm

To support and improve literacy of dyslexic children at KS2/3.

Pitrwm Patrwm is a series of Welsh language resources, that have been designed to assist and improve the literacy skills of dyslexic students aged 7-14.

Pitrwm Patrwm is the first product in the series and was so popular that it led to the creation of the other two resources, Pump Penaber and Pobl Pedol. Pitrwm Patrwm is aimed at students aged 7-14 and can either be used independently or in conjuction with the other two resources which act as a sequel and prequel respectively. The Pitrwm Patrwm pack includes 32 colourful reading books, a teacher's guide and an interactive CD-ROM.

This series of sea-themed fictional and factual reading books are divided into four units which each tackle a different area of the Welsh phonetic alphabet including, vowels, double letters, consonant blends and vowel blends. The books have been designed to enthuse and entertain readers, whilst also enhancing their language skills, improving their confidence and creating a firm foundation for the future.

The accompanying CD-ROM contains four games, which each aim to develop different skills including, spelling, recognising words and patterns within words. Each game can also be played with different word sets of varying difficulty which learners can progress through as they improve. Teacher's notes are also provided, as well as a highest score chart and certificates to encourage learners to improve.

GBP 35.00


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