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Ein Cymru Ni

Second Language Welsh

This Welsh language pack has been designed to support teaching Welsh as a second language at Key Stages 2 and 3, although it could also be useful for students learning Welsh at different key stages or even whose first language is Welsh.

The resource focuses on the concept of 'Welshness', and has been divided into three main themes, Welsh identity, Welsh language, and Welsh places of interest. The resource covers various aspects including, movements and organisations, heroes and celebrities, and Welsh literature and culture. It also contains information on important industries, historical events, and geographical information.

The pack consists of 12 factual books which are divided into the three themes, and are also of varying difficulty, a set of 12 colourful posters and a DVD to support the books. The accompanying DVD provides a variety of clips, images and songs which closely relate to the reading material, translations of the texts and suggestions for student activities.

GBP 50.00


Welsh language posters

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