Drama & Theatre Studies

First Language Welsh

This Welsh medium Drama DVD and CD-ROM, is an appealing and comprehensive resource designed to support teaching at A-Level. Students are introduced to a range of concepts and techniques that will support the overall learning of their course.

The DVD presents a series of interviews with various Welsh playwrights and directors including, Aled Jones Williams, Catrin Dafydd, Eddie Ladd, Ed Thomas, Elen Bowmann, Judith Roberts and Meic Povey. These interviews provide students with expert and in-depth knowledge that will help them plan, create and understand their own work, as well as other dramatic works being studied.

The CD-ROM contains the written content and transcripts of the interviews which can be printed out and used in class the accompany the film. There are also extensive teacher's notes to assist with lesson planning that contain supporting information as well as activity suggestions.

GBP 24.00


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