Changing Wales: The New Economy

Bilingual Geography DVD

'Changing Wales: The New Economy' is a highly informative, bilingual (English and Welsh) DVD-led resource, of approximately 2hrs in length, designed to support Geography at Key Stage 4. This resource explores the diversified economic climates of Wales through its analysis of five programmes of work, each one emphasizing the importance of building a sustainable economy, as well as recognising the significance of culture.

The resource discusses the changing nature of the Welsh economy and identifies its recent successes and challenges. Through the use of detailed case studies, students are encouraged to think about how different businesses contribute to the local and national economy and how they are affected by government policies and initiatives.

While each video sets up and outlines the challenges of each economic situation, the accompanying A4 handbook supports and supplements the material provided on the DVD whilst also supplying activities to assist further exploration of the subject matter.

GBP 9.99


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