Active Learning in RE

Religious Education at Key Stage 2

This set of books, available in English and Welsh, is a comprehensive and attractive resource which has been designed to support Religious Education at Key Stage 2. It provides students with a thorough look at a range of issues and topics and encourages them to develop independent thinking.

The resource consists of six learning books, six accompanying activity books and a teacher's booklet. The learning books each tackle different religious questions. Through these questions students then explore the different perspectives of six religions, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Sikhism. By focusing on their teachings and traditions students should then develop a knowledge of religious customs as well as enabling them to consider how religion functions within social, historical and global issues.

There are numerous activities within the books which reinforce the learning and enable students to develop their own thoughts and opinions. These are supported by the worksheets provided in the relevant activity booklet and involve various tasks, including individual and group work. The teacher's notes provide additional information on the resource and suggestions for lesson plans.

GBP 120.00


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