Fflic a Fflac - Cynllun Darllen 3

Second Language Welsh (Books only)

The Fflic a Fflac series are a set of resources aimed at assisting Welsh language development in the Foundation Phase. Whilst they are primarily intended for use in teaching Welsh as a second language, they can also be used for supporting and improving the ability of native Welsh speakers. The series consists of four comprehensive multimedia packs of progressing difficulty, four sets of additional reading books, a music CD-ROM and a pair of puppets.

This is the third in a series of four packs of twenty colourful and engaging reading books in the Fflic a Fflac series. The books aim to encourage children in the Foundation Phase to read Welsh independently.

The books are based on the vocabulary introduced in the Pack 3 DVDs so the children will already be familiar with the words. With colourful images and short, simple sentences the books were especially designed to make reading fun.

GBP 50.00


Part of the Fflic and Fflac series.

You can buy individual Fflic a Fflac books from the iBooks store

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