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Bilingual Religious Education resource


This set of books, available in English and Welsh, is an appealing and thought-provoking resource which has been designed to support Religious Education at Key Stage 3. It encourages students to develop independent thinking by asking them to consider some of the more challenging aspects of religion.


The three books are each based around an important question, 'What is God?', 'What is Truth? and 'Why should we help others?'. Using these questions students then explore the different perspectives of six religions, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Sikhism, by focusing on their teachings and traditions.


There are numerous activities within the books which reinforce the learning and enable students to develop their own thoughts and opinions. These are supported by the worksheets provided in the accompanying teacher's booklet and involve various tasks, including individual and group work.

Religious Questions to ExploRE (English)

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